ReUnion Camp
Juniperwood Ranch Winery

Creating History and ReLie-ing on the Truth
Whenever we Can.

Juniperwood Ranch Winery

ReUnion Camp & Juniperwood Ranch Winery
"Creating" History and Re-"lie"-ing on the Truth


ReUnion Camp is a remote, rustic gathering place.  It is a place for family and friends to meet, play softball, volleyball, horseshoes, and basketball while enjoying nature.

Located just outside of Ash Fork, Arizona, ReUnion Camp also contains several USATF certified running trails varying in length from 400 meters up to a one mile trail. 




Juniperwood Ranch Winery specialized in the harvesting and fermentation of non-typical varieties of wines in the early 1900's.  The harvesting of the local native agriculture led to the creations of Prickly Pear Wine, Pumpkin wine, various meads and the plentiful, locally harvested berries for Juniper Wine.

    No wine is produced, sampled, or sold here.

The native agriculture on-site is what produced the flavors for these unique wines.


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